Saturday, October 16, 2021

Retired Couple Looking to Drop Tuesday Lottomax Draw To Spend More Time On Lottario


SUDBURY, ONTARIO — Filling out their lottery slips for tonight’s draw, Sudbury couple June and Alex have finally contemplated out loud that it’s just becoming too much. Ever since they added a second Lottomax draw, the couple has noticed that their Lottario selections have really been underperforming. Outside a few free tickets here and there, they really haven’t taken in any winnings on Lottario and maybe it’s time they take Tuesday back to rest up. “You know Monday and Thursday we have Daily Grand, Tuesday and Friday is Lottomax, Wednesday is 649 and by Saturday we have nothing left for Lottario. One Saturday I was so exhausted that I just asked for a quick pick,” June told us by phone with Alex listening on the other line. She advised us that maybe she will give it a couple of weeks but if we don’t see results, we will just drop the Tuesday draw altogether.

1:30 PM UPDATE: Alex asked June what this Poker Lotto is all about

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